Whats Included?


A deep dive into your company, service or product will take place during your intro Zoom meeting with an RTN team member. We will use the information gathered during this meeting in order to determine the proper context in which to deliver your message

Client Questionnaire and Onboarding

During this time, your project manager will obtain pertinent company information, login information to current channels and any documentation RTN.Media will need for your story and sales deployment. 

Client Access Portal

Each RTN.Media client will receive access to RTN’s client portal. Direct communication with our team from start to finish. Gain access to Scripts and prepare for our in person or Zoom StoryScript Meeting.

Story Script Meeting

Our Story Script consultant will help you add in your personality and the elements of your Attractive Character that will make the scripts come to life. Ultimately, the story is yours, but RTN is here to be your guide.

Sales Funnel Buildout

Using a sales funnel, each page is intentionally crafted to guide the visitor to  the next page and the next action eventually leading to conversion! 

Marketing Automation and Integration

Automation facilitates engagement of your business leads with the goal of turning them into customers. This is done using CRM and Email Marketing automations.
Your Story Script Guide
You need to add in your personality and the elements of your attractive character that will make the scripts come to life. We will help you tweak them for your company’s needs!
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